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The Language Hacking courses launch on September 8th in the UK and September 29th in the US.

We're offering some amazing pre-order bonuses. Scroll down to find out more!

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What is language hacking?

Language “hacks” are shortcuts you can use to get fluent faster.

You focus on learning what you need to know right now, instead of everything you “might” need to know in the future.

Language hacking gets you speaking right from day one! You'll be having real conversations with people.

You don’t need a super memory. And it’s definitely not about having perfect grammar.

You just need to be willing to give new things a try.

It may be a bit unconventional… but it’s not magic. It’s just a smarter way to learn languages.

And anyone can do it. Are you in?

"Ten years ago, Lewis spoke only English. But constant travel, along with a buoyant attitude, has unmasked the polyglot within."National Geographic
"...a polyglot viral sensation... eager to show people that the best way to learn is by conversing."MSN
"Benny Lewis is the Eckhart Tolle of language learning."Anna Codrea-Rado, the Guardian
"Lewis focus on the benefit to business of multilingual language ability is striking a resonant chord."Cheryl Conner, Forbes
"Our conference was by far Poland's most successful one yet, an accomplishment owing in large part to the enthusiasm, inspiration, and knowledge brought to the stage by Mr. Lewis."TedX Warsaw

Inside each Language Hacking course you will find:

  • Shortcuts (#languagehacks) to learn Spanish, fast
  • The power words and phrases you can use right now to have real conversations in Spanish
  • Confidence hacks so you can start speaking Spanish from day one
  • Your access code to a community of likeminded language hackers
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  • Introduce yourself.
  • Ask and answer hundreds of useful questions.
  • Find and connect with native speakers no matter where you live.

You’ll gain the skills and strategies to have countless conversations - entirely in Spanish - as well as the confidence to keep them going.



Here's what I know: Language Hacking is the most effective way to learn a language. That's why I want these courses to hit the bestseller charts from day one.

I’ve reached out to my polyglot and travel friends (who have been INCREDIBLY generous) and put together some mind blowing pre-order bonus packages.

The more books you order, the better your bonus.

To claim your bonuses, email a photo
of your purchase receipts to benny+promo@fluentin3months.com

1 Course

Pre-order 1 course, and you'll get early access to the essential phrases, with audio for Mission One, plus you'll join a secret Fluent in 3 Months email list that means we'll send you surprise goodies in the future.


2+ Courses

Pre-order 2 (or more) courses, and you'll get:

  • everything in the silver package
  • plus a 3-month Teach Yourself Languages Online (TYLO) subscription
    Start a new language or improve on one you already know. Choose from French, Italian, German or Spanish! (value: $35)
  • $10 off entry into the Add1 Challenge (limited to first 200)
  • Conversation Countdown from Fluent in 3 Months - start speaking a new language in just 7 days (value: $67)

Total Value: $152


4+ Courses

Pre-order 4 (or more) courses and you get:

  • everything in the SILVER SHARER
  • access to the LANGUAGE HACKING BONUS PACK, which includes nine premium language learning and travel products - perfect for kickstarting your language adventure. (value: $500+)

Here's the full

you get when you pre-order four (or more) courses:


  • The Flow of Spanish, The Flow of French and The Flow of German from themimicmethod. Speak Spanish/French/German without sounding like a foreigner. (value: $299)
  • Get Started in Hindi audio course by Teach Yourself (value: $35)
  • Learn More, Study Less ebook from Scott Young. Techniques smart people use to learn faster. (value: $39)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking by Nomadic Matt. Discover how to travel anywhere with the world's top travel experts. (value: $25)
  • Learn How to Teach English Overseas by Nomadic Matt. Getting a teaching job oversees is easier than you think. (value: $19)
  • Language Learning Foundations from I Will Teach You a Language. A step-by-step video course for learning a new language - limited to the first 100 (value: $97)
  • MOSAlingua app free download and Lifetime Premium access. Learn the words and phrases you need to quickly speak a new language. SOLD OUT
  • $20 off entry into the next Add1Challenge. Hold a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker in 90 Days! Offer ends Aug. 25th, 11:59pm EST! value: $20)
  • Hyper Efficient German by Kerstin Cable (Fluent Language). Fast fixes for the most common German mistakes - limited to the first 77 (value: $17)
  • $10 italki credit to have your first one-on-one with a native speaker - limited to the first 100 (value: $10)

Total Value: $753


10+ Courses

Pre-order 10 (or more) courses, and you get everything in the GOLD package including the

(Value: $500+)

  • Michel Thomas’ Perfect audio course - your choice from 12 languages! Take your language to the next level with the course that works with your brain and perfected over 50 years by psycholinguist, Michel Thomas.(value: $130)
  • Your choice of 2 Michel Thomas Vocabulary Builder+ courses. Learn over 1000 words in these 5-hour audio courses. Choose from 7 languages, including Russian, Mandarin and Arabic!(value: $90)
  • Teach Yourself Total course - your choice between Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Japanese, Greek. (value: $30)
  • Get Talking, Keep Talking audio course by Teach Yourself - your choice between 10+ languages! (value: $20-$30)
  • Learn More, Study Less online course from Scott Young - limited to the first 100 (value: $97)
  • Successful Self Study from Lindsay Does Languages. Everything the solo language learner needs to know to kick some serious language learning butt - limited to the first 20 (value: $100)
  • A 6-month Teach Yourself Languages Online (TYLO) subscription. Progress from beginner to intermediate – the perfect follow-on course to Language Hacking. (value: $70)
  • $20 total italki credit to have your first few one-on-one sessions with a native speaker - limited to the first 50 (value: $20)

Total Value: $1440


25+ Courses

Pre-order 25 (or more) courses, and you get everything from PLATINUM including the

(Value: $500+)

  • Michel Thomas Insider’s: Intermediate Conversation audio course - your choice of Spanish, French, German or Italian (value: $50)
  • A 12-month Teach Yourself Languages Online (TYLO) subscription. Achieve an intermediate level of French, Italian, German or Spanish! (value: $120)
  • 10 book language-learning book bundle from Teach Yourself - limited to the first 20 (value: up to $350)
  • $50 total italki credit to have your first several one-on-one sessions with a native speaker - limited to the first 20 (value: $50)



50+ Courses

Pre-order 50 (or more) courses, and you get everything from MASTERY including the

(Value: $500+)

  • A one hour Skype consultation with Benny Lewis (value: $500)
  • $200 total italki credit to have your first several one-on-one sessions with a native speaker - limited to the first 10 (value: $200)
  • A multilingual video birthday message from Benny and his worldwide team of helpers to the person of your choice
  • Private Q & A with publishing director and Language Hacking editor, Sarah Cole
    + visit and take photos in the historic Darwin room
    + private tour of the the rooftop terrace with prosecco/ champagne, on the roof (for those in London)




We have a very special prize for the person who places the biggest pre-order:

5 night stay for two at the Pura Vida resort in Costa Rica, courtesy of R&R Resorts.

This package includes accommodation, meals, transportation to and from the airport, two yoga classes, one full day tour, one half day tour, $100 spa credit, guided hikes, and evening activities. (Value: $2,500) Flights not included.

Thank you to R&R Resorts for providing this amazing prize!

TOTAL VALUE: $6,000+

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve just pre-ordered! How do I get my bonuses?

Send us your e-mail receipt showing all your confirmed pre-orders to benny+promo@fluentin3months.com.

We’ll send you all your digital bonuses within 48 hours!

For the MASTERY and ULTIMATE tiers: Bonuses unique to the tiers for 25+ courses will be sent 30 days after your Language Hacking courses have been delivered to your address. If you qualify for the MASTERY or ULTIMATE tier, we’ll arrange to send your additional physical bonuses to the pre-order address you provide.

I pre-ordered last week/month! What do I do?

Just send us an email and let us know! Include the receipt for both your previous purchase and any additional purchases, so we can be sure to send you all your bonuses.

Note: Any additional receipts must be in your name. Unfortunately we can’t send out bonuses if you are using someone else’s purchase receipt.

Can I pre-order the Language Hacking courses in my local bookstore?

Sure you can - as long as your local bookstore accepts pre-orders, and will give you a pre-order receipt showing your name and address.

Why order more than one course?

Plenty of reasons! We recommend sharing.

You could give extra courses as a gift to family or friends, or even a local library, school or college. A book is an amazing gift - and one that people remember for a long time. Giving away books is also a brilliant way to stand out at networking events.

You could get together with friends to place a big pre-order, and share out the bonuses (see the next question for how to do this). Learning a language with a friend is a great way to stay accountable. Plus, it's more fun!

There are four different courses available - so you could decide to learn all four languages. Or add the extra courses to your reference library.

Language hacking is a completely different approach to language learning. So however your share the courses, you’ll be changing people’s approach to language learning, and making it simpler for them to learn languages - forever.

Can I join with friends to place a big pre-order?

Absolutely! You can pool your resources with friends to make a big pre-order, but we can only send you bonuses if you provide a receipt for the full number of books ordered delivered to a single person at a single address. Unfortunately we can’t send out bonuses if you are using someone else’s purchase receipt.

Also, bear in mind that you’ll receive just one set of bonuses - and the digital bonuses are copyrighted, so can’t be shared.

Want to place a huge bulk order? Email benny+promo@fluentin3months.com to discover the extra special bonuses we can offer you.

Please note: To claim your bonuses you must pre-order before the courses publish in your country (September 8th in the UK and Europe, and September 27th in the US and Canada), and email your pre-order receipt to benny+promo@fluentin3months.com. Bonuses unique to the MASTERY and ULTIMATE tiers will be sent 30 days after your Language Hacking courses have been delivered to your address. Bonuses for the MASTERY and ULTIMATE tiers will be sent upon verification of your book delivery and receipt.

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